Moghaddam & Jorgensen LLP

Our guiding principles are simple, tried and true, and we have built a reputation based on those principles.

Be Responsive to Clients.  We have learned from listening to clients that prompt, regular, and clear communication is of the utmost importance.  Whether it is because our client contact is an in-house attorney or an officer in a large corporation, or because he/she is an executive of a small company or a litigation manager, we understand the value of communicating promptly, regularly, and clearly with them.

Build Lasting Relationships.  We seek to earn the trust and respect of our clients.  This means not only providing excellent legal service, but also understanding the client's business and its goals in each case.

Based in Los Angeles, our attorneys have more than fifty years of experience handling a wide range of complex business litigation matters on behalf of clients from around the world in state and federal courts throughout California.  If you are a new client we look forward to earning your trust, and if you are an existing client we promise to keep it.